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External Security


Aptus Infotech specializes in the design and installation of structured cabling systems with an emphasis on new construction and corporate relocations. Whether your network is ten computers or ten buildings in a campus environment, Aptus can provide the copper and fiber cabling needed to connect voice and data across the LAN. Aptus also offers wireless access points, card access and surveillance, CCTV / CATV installation and CAD documentation services.

Our team of network engineers, system designers, installers, project managers, and assemblers has successfully completed customized installations in a wide range of diverse and challenging environments.

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CCTV Surveillance System

It is crucial to take security seriously in this day and age. Security is fundamentally important across all walks of life to ensure the overall safety and possessions of all individuals are comprehensively protected. This can be achieved by installing surveillance system  like CCTV, IP Cameras etc in the premises. 
When investing in a CCTV solution the real consideration will be whether to invest in an Analogue or IP CCTV camera. Though most of our attention these days is focused on the transition to IP video technology, it's important to note that analog CCTV security cameras can still be highly effective for many surveillance applications, especially those on a budget.

It is very important to consider the available security options and choose one that is the best fit for your need and budget. That is why Aptus Infotech is the best to partner with as we bring you the best and the most cost effective solution to meet your need. 




Access Control

Access Control depicts the solutions portfolio which is used to grant or not to grant privileges to interact with any specified resource or a group or resources. It is a mechanism through which the administrators and/or the managers of the department ensures that the right access is available to the right resources. Access control has a very vast domain and can be bifurcated into two major regions:

  • Physical Security and Access Management
  • Systems Security and Access Management

Aptus Infotech has been providing access control and management solution for a substantial amount of years in which both physical access control as well as systems based security access control has been successfully implemented. With our expertise and hands on experience in complete designing and implementation of organization’s network, we make sure that all the devices and the channels for access control are configured and maintained on the optimum level.

Time & Attendance System

Aptus Infotech totally understands an organization’s need for time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, vacation time, compensation time, and jury duty must be recorded. Further, a time and attendance system protects a company from payroll fraud and provides both employer and employees with confidence in the accuracy of their wage payments all while improving productivity.

We work closely with you to understand your need and provide you with the best-fit solution to address Time & Attendance issues. We have partnered with world renowned technology provider to bring you the best products in your budget fit.

Gate Barrier

Security is the supreme concern to any organization, and even more in public places. Hence, it becomes major challenge to professionally control every type of access: car parks, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centers, amusement parks, airports and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facility.

The presence of security barriers and gates provides protection from access of unauthorized personnel to such premises. Security gates pose the largest threat of security breaches. But through gate and barrier automation, you can reduce the need for manpower. 

  • Act as a deterrent to unauthorised personnel
  • Create a solution for traffic control
  • Improve security to your premises

You can totally reply on Aptus Infotech to partner with you in addressing your prime security concerns. We not only have the best brands  but also our installers have received in-depth training on products and installation procedures, so as to guarantee maximum system safety.