Firewall | Aptus Infotech


Aptus InfoTech is working with the principals who have already developed world class solutions in the field of Gateway level proxy and firewall solution requirements. Our solutions portfolio comprises of:

  • In the event the application-proxy gateway software ceases to function, the firewall system will not pass network packets through the firewall system.
  •  Application-Proxy Gateway Firewalls usually have more extensive logging capabilities than packet filter or stateful inspection because they examine the entire network packet rather than just the network addresses and ports.
  •  Application-Proxy Gateway Firewalls provide superior authentication than packet filter or stateful inspection packet filter firewalls where network layer addresses can be easily spoofed.
  •  Application-Proxy Gateway Firewalls are less vulnerable to address spoofing attacks than packet filter and stateful inspection firewalls.
  •  Allowing client applications to use dynamic ephemeral TCP/ UDP ports to communicate with the known ports used by the server applications, even though a firewall-configuration may allow only a limited number of known ports.
  •  Converting the network layer address information found inside an application payload between the addresses acceptable by the hosts on either side of the firewall/NAT. This aspect introduces the term 'gateway' for an ALG.
  •  Recognizing application-specific commands and offering granular security controls over them
  •  Synchronizing between multiple streams/sessions of data between two hosts exchanging data.