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5D BIM Quantity Takeoff - Cubicost

Quantity surveying software has become a widespread AEC solution in Oman. Glodon’s Cubicost BIM software for quantity surveyors is one of the top 5 AEC software. With limited resources, quantity surveying software has helped quantity surveyors to save time and reduce labor cost, improve accuracy and efficiency and stay on top with latest global trends in quantity surveying.


Understanding the growing demand for BIM Quantity Surveying software, Aptus Infotech in collaboration with Glodon are organizing several workshop sessions for Cubitcost TASC – Basic and Cubicost TASC TIO (Revit users only). The workshop aims to introduce 5D BIM trend, BIM Quantity Surveying and Logics. The workshop includes hands-on learning of Cubicost TASC by learning manual modelling and advance feature measurement.


  • Learn the latest 5D BIM Quantity Surveying technology through 1-day workshop (4 hour workshop);
  • Finish your first QS BIM modelling in your life;
  • Win the 1-month free Cubicost license;
  • Free coupon for on-line learning;
  • Certificate of workshop attendance;

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Aptus Infotech is the exclusive partner of Glodons’s Cubicost BIM QS software in Oman. We can also help in scheduling a demo session to review the BIM quantity measurement and costing tools.